Standard, Deluxe dan Enterprise Edition

Accurate Accounting Software memiliki 3 edisi/varian, yakni Standard, Deluxe maupun Enterprise


1. Modul Sales
a) Sales Order
b) Delevery Order
c) Sales Invoice
d) Customer Receipt
e) Sales Return

2. Modul Purchases
a) Purchases Invoice
b) Receipt Item
c) Purchases Invoice
d) Vendor Payment
e) Purchases Return

3. Modul Inventory
a) Item
b) Inventory Adjustment
c) Item Transfer
d) Set Selling Price
e) Grouping
f) Warehouses
g) Job Costing

4. Modul General Ledger
a) Chart Of Account
b) Financial Statement
c) Journal Voucher
d) Period End
e) Company Info
f) Currency

5. Modul Cash/Bank
a) Bank Book
b) Other Deposit
c) Other Payment
d) Bank Reconcille

6. Modul Fixed Asset
a) New Fixed Asset
b) Fiscal Fixed Asset Type
c) Fixed Asset Type
d) Fixed Asset List

Adapun MODUL dalam ACCURATE DELUXE adalah:

Seluruh modul utama pada varian Standard, ditambah modul PROJECT dan DEPARTEMEN. Biasanya untuk perusahaan yang menggunakan sistem COST CENTER atau laba rugi per departemen.


Seluruh modul utama pada varian Standard, tambahan modul : PROJECT dan DEPARTEMEN dan modul MANUFAKTUR.

Modul Manufacture:
a) Modul Bill of Material (BOM) terdiri dari :
o Direct Labour
o Direct Material
o Manufacture Over Head
b) Production Order, Production Adjusment, Production assembly, Finished Good sampai dengan Closing Production
c) Laporan yang dihasilkan berupa :
o Work Order List
o Material Adjustment
o Production History
o Cancel Production
o Cost of Goods Manufactured
o Work In Process Inventory.

Harga varian Standard Rp 8jt (incl 2 user)
Harga varian Deluxe Rp 11jt (incl 2 user)
Harga varian Enterprise Rp 30jt (incl 5 user)

Extra License Rp. 2,5jt /license
o Pembelian 10 License bonus 1 license
o Pembelian 20 License bonus 5 license





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