Accurate Accounting Software Standard Edition

Accurate Accounting Software Version 4 appeared with a new look and features a more dynamic, more practical, and more interactive than downloading Accurate Version 3. By retaining the main characteristics namely Accurate easy to use ( user friendly) and high accuracy, Accurate 4 offering more features and advantages that will help your business run more and more easy and fun.

In the Standard version, we provide 2 ( two) license. That is, two user / client can enter into a ( single) database at the same time.

Price: Rp. 8.000.000, –

Additional features include:
1. DO invoicing and Bill gradually RI
2. Repair Item Search form
3. Warning Sales Price below the amount of COGS
4. Layout template models
5. Import / Undo Import Journal
6. Quantity Measurement Control
7. Product Serial / Batch Number and Date Expired
8. Recurring Transaction ( Transaction Input Repetition)
9. Memorize and Copy Details
10. Purchase Requisition
11. Sales Quotation
12. Default Currency denominated in foreign currencies with the distribution.
13. And Invoice Advance
14. Allocation of import duty, excise duty and import tax.
15. Accountant` s Review
16. Return the unused Overpay
17. Quantity of Fixed Asset
18. Selling Price of Import Excel file
19. Proof of Income Tax Cut 23
20. Export Import Transaction
21. Conection database branch and office.

* FREE DEMO in Jakarta area

Please Contact:
Mulyana Wilian
+ 62 8561288303

YM: w1l14n





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